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The issue of promoting scientific research and technological innovation is a crucial issue in African countries. At the 8th Ordinary Session of the Conference of Heads of State and Government of the African Union held in Addis Ababa (Ethiopia) in January 1987, it was decided that the AU Member States pay attention to scientific research and technological innovation

They decide to devote at least 1% of their Gross Domestic Product (GDP/PIB) by 2000, to promote scientific research and technological innovation. But this decision has remained elusive. Indeed, because of increased daily problems, African states fail to succeed this goal decided in Addis Ababa.

However, all the decision makers are unanimous in recognizing the need to integrate scientific research to different social projects. Otherwise, African countries cannot achieve sustainable development and improving people’s lives. This is why measures have been taken to a new impetus to scientific research and the advancement of technological innovation, of which the results are valued.

Regarding Benin, the target of at least 1% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP/PIB) devoted to research funding, was never reached. Therefore, it became necessary that we should pay more attention to research and exploitation of the research results and technological innovation. It is in this context that fits the establishment of two specialized agencies by the Government of the Republic of Benin, that are the National Scientific Research and Technological Innovation Fund (FNRSIT) and the Beninese Agency of Research Results Valuation and Technological Innovation (ABeVRIT).

Public Establishment, scientific and cultural, created by Decree No. 2012.139 of 7 June 2012 on « Creation, organization, powers and operation of the ABeVRIT », it is attached to the Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research (MESRS) of Benin. Its mission is to: « Implement the national strategy for technological and industrial development of Benin, by the exploitation of research results”.

So this is a great and noble mission that brings us together around the objectives assigned to the ABeVRIT. This is mainly to make the necessary technology transfer and development of knowledge and endogenous know-how which are in our land and in our historical practices, remaining to be discovered, controlled and updated, to give them the quality and features that will make them shareable, teachable and transmissible.

In addition, we must exit these knowledge and technical skills out of mysticism and mystery that hamper their usefulness and widespread use. Moreover, it also should be given pride of place to the promotion and dissemination of the results of research and technological innovation. Upstream, that is to say to accord importance to the training of researchers and innovators; and downstream, that is to say to promote the dissemination of their many research and significant technological innovations they generate.

This will impact positively on the entire economic fabric, in particular by improving the quality and quantity of the productivity of businesses and industries, especially small and medium-sized (SMEs and SMIs). Because they are often marginalized in relation to equitable access to technology and its benefits, for lack of means and resources due to their insufficient critical mass to support heavy and costly research and development projects.

This is a clear advantage that this task is performed by a public service for the public interest and for the benefit of the whole nation. This is the purpose of the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation that works with Justice and Equity, for the results of scientific and technical research and technological innovation are accessible as many and truly contribute to economic growth, social progress and development of the entire country.

And the ABeVRIT before and always ensure that the Equity and Justice remain the core values ​​that guide the national sharing of valued outcomes of scientific and technical research and technological innovation.

For two years, 2013 and 2014, the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation has made its implementation and the effective start of operations, including by providing adequate equipment and materials, to accomplish its mission and achieve its objectives. During this phase of implementation and installation, the following visible results may be specifically highlighted. These are:

  1. Staffing and the establishment of a performance team of competent and multidisciplinary frameworks that accompany and assist the General Director (Chief Executive Manager) in his work. However, there are still some vacancies and steps are underway to expand the staff with the recruitment of new technical skills to make available the ABeVRIT.
  2. Installation of the ABeVRIT in his new seat, located in Cotonou, at the third floor of the building Jacques A. Bou Karam, Lot 890, District Sikècodji; No. 799, Street 8.002, in the new classification of the Municipality of Cotonou. This seat gives the ABeVRIT better institutional visibility to the research community; especially that this new headquarters also houses the services of the National Scientific Research and Technological Innovation Fund (FNRSIT) which is a sister institution with which the ABeVRIT actively working as part of the fulfillment of his mission, for achievement of common objectives in the service of scientific and technical research and valuation of technological innovation results.
  3. The establishment of a structural platform and institutional marketing that is to equip the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation of high quality brand image and identity visual (logo), as well as active institutional presence (address and dedicated telephone number).
  4. The design and implementation of the website of ABeVRIT (abevrit.bj) that provides the radiation of the Agency brand image to all stakeholders, while significantly increasing its visibility to all interested audiences, including the community of researchers and academics, partners in research and technological innovation, PhD students and other students, administrators and decision makers of the national system of higher education and scientific research, businesses and Private Sector users of research results and technological innovation…

Now and at the beginning of this year 2015, the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation has entered a cruise phase, with the establishment of a dynamic organizational performance and strategic growth. The ABeVRIT was then taken its optimal speed and is more equipped to meet the objectives assigned to it, focusing on the following priority directions:

  • Establish a training system for researchers and innovators, to ensure better utilization and exploitation of the results of research.
  • Organize specific actions of communication and dissemination, to promote innovation and thus their valuation.
  • Develop active partnerships with the Private Sector, especially with companies using the results of research and technological innovation. 
  • Inform and make available for business and consumer the products of research and technological innovation, while giving them more visibility and inserting them into the frame of the national strategy of industrial and technological development.

To achieve its objectives and fulfill its mission in everyday life, the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation (ABeVRIT) is composed of two technical departments that organize and conduct the activities of the Agency presented around the main poles below.

  1. Cooperation and Partnerships;
  2. Training and Technology Transfer;
  3. Promotion of Technological Innovations;
  4. Valuation and Dissemination Research Results.

The conduct of the use and dissemination of research findings and technological innovation, the main activity of the ABeVRIT, through the expertise of a team performance up by Professor Latifou LAGNIKA, current General Director (Chief Executive Manager) of the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation. It should be noted that the General Director, himself, is constantly present alongside his team to revitalize actions to achieve the objectives.

Thus, contacts are made under the CEO, with the actors of endogenous knowledge and know-how, to integrate the overall recovery strategy, in particular to allow the transmission of the national wealth rooted in the deepest culture out of the mystical matrix that surrounds them. Actions and interventions of all staff members of Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation are organized in frames and clusters presented below.


Planning, Monitoring, Evaluation and Execution Control.

Identify and define the appropriate strategy in order to achieve the objectives and implement integrating accountability requirements and principles of results-based management. This is the role assigned to operational service dedicated to monitoring and evaluation of actions for achieving the objectives of the annual work plan and medium-term planning.


Finance and Accounting.

The areas of finance and accounting are part of the core missions of each organization. Because without effective financing of operations and the optimal management of financial resources provided by the Budget, the objectives cannot be achieved, and activities cannot be conducted.

Human Resource, Crisis and Change Management.

No organization is immune from crisis, when there are several actors. Even better, every modern organization must equip, including the optimal management of its human resources (main managerial resource) to better cope with change and challenges that result. This requires rigorous in the allocation of tasks, depending on the skills and talents of each actor, according to a comprehensive dashboard and a dynamic driven by senior management.


Reception, Information and Secretariat.

All information concerning the activities of the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation are centralized and archived by an operational Secretariat which is also responsible for the reception, information and guidance of visitors and users.

Regarding its operation, the Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation (ABeVRIT) is headed by a General Director (Chief Executive Manager), which is the institutional figure. All his actions and interventions are overseen by a Board of Directors composed of different stakeholders in the sector of scientific research and technological innovation.

Finally, the following values ​​guide all actions of the organization, and now allow the ABeVRIT to position itself as a beacon of the system of scientific and technical research in Benin and in the West Africa sub-region. These are:

  • Prospective Vision;
  • Jurisdiction;
  • Justice and Equity;
  • Autonomy and Independence.

Your main interlocutors (to more information): 

For the Board of Directors of the ABeVRIT, the President:
Professor Mr. Placide CLEDJO, Deputy Director of CBRST j)

For the Executive of ABeVRIT, the General Director (Chief Executive Manager):
Professor Latifou LAGNIKA

For the Staff representatives:
Mrs. Eliane HOUNDJE, Service of Secretariat 

We hope you found on this website all the information you are looking for, all that will be helpful to you to join us in this great work which is to highlight and promote the results of research and technological innovation. Because, by joining us, we’ll make together the valued results of research and technological innovation truly contribute to the development and socio-economic progress of Benin.

If you would like further information on the activities and programs of the ABeVRIT, please « contact us » (Hyperlink to the Contact Form). We will process your request and will respond as soon as possible.

Thank you for visiting us on our website that prints the corporate brand of Beninese Agency of Search Results Valuation and Technological Innovation, which by convey the following qualities and values ​​which are those of the institution itself:


  • Tradition and Modernity;
  • Elegance and Dynamism;
  • Interactivity and Usability;
  • Efficiency, Simplicity and Ease of Use;
  • Functionality and Participation…

The whole team of the ABeVRIT is at your disposal to answer all your concerns which have not been satisfied by this visit to our website. Please be closer to us, with a visit to our office (Click here to find us: Hyperlink to the Location page).

Good luck and every success in research and technological innovation which results are put at the service of national development. This is our Vow, our Creed and Mission.

And we’ll end by sharing this exhortation, by paraphrasing La Fontaine reminds us that we must never stop searching, because fruits are at the end of the effort : « Dig, excavate, dig, do not let nowhere hand goes and returns… Because a treasure hidden in the field”.

Cheers for valued results of research and technological innovation, for the benefit of the whole nation.



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